Consistency > Accuracy > Integrity
These are the cornerstones the H.P. White brand was built on 75 years ago and continue to earn it world renown as the premiere independent ballistics laboratory.
H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. is an independent ballistics and ballistics resistance laboratory. Founded in 1936 by Mr. Henry Packard White as a ballistic research and development facility, HP White is in its 75th year of providing specialized testing services for research and development, validation, certification and quality control of body and vehicular armor systems, sub-components and materials.
H.P. White adds value throughout the entire supply chain, from research and development processes and product certification to production lot acceptance and post-production quality control. H.P. White serves the needs of Federal, State, Local and Foreign Government agencies, and the manufacturers dedicated to protecting the lives of law enforcement, war fighters and civilians, globally.
  •  Markets: Law enforcement, military, personal protection, corrections, security monitoring and alerting.
  •  Threats: Stab, slice, bullet, explosion, blunt force.
  • Environments: Urban; war time; extreme heat, cold, humidity, aridity. 

H.P. White developed many of the ballistics resistance standards and test methods used today to evaluate body and vehicular armor. What’s more, H.P. White also serves the ballistics and ballistics resistance needs of emerging Life Safety and Security markets.
Consistency, repeatability, accuracy, and the integrity of its test data and personnel are the cornerstones the H.P. White brand was built upon 75 years ago, and continuing today earn H.P. White worldwide renown as the premiere independent ballistics laboratory.
The state of the art laboratory located in Street, MD, provides,
  • 9 indoor and 2 outdoor ballistic test ranges.
  • FARO laser measurement devices.
  • Ballistic load sensing head forms.
  • Proprietary clay management and conditioning equipment.
  • Thermotron and ESPEC environmental conditioning test chambers.
  • High-speed digital video and software, capable of 1M frames per second.
  • Doppler radar.
  • Lumiline infrared velocity screens, and Intervalometer magnetic velocity screens.
  • Over 150 test barrels for shotgun, handgun, rifle, machine gun and cannon ammunition calibers.
  • A wide range of ammunition types.

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